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domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

Will Smith acepta a Jesús y los Diez Mandamientos...

Will Smith accepts Jesus exists and his Ten Commandments are for us today too.

Devon Franklin, an Adventust producer and moviemaker in Hollywood testified to Famous Actor Will Smith his faith in Jesus and why he couldn't work on Sabbath.
Will Smith actor an Oscar nominates performer and one of the biggest blockbusters action stars of all the times.
Actor of Indeependende Day, Hancook, Men in Balck and others films never thought that an Adventsit man talks to him about his faith.
Hollywood is like Sodom and gomorrah of our days but there, God has a man who fears him and obey his  commandments 
Will Smith received the Hope Message by Devon Franklin, recognizing that God really exists and his ten commandments last forever.
Glory to the Lord for lives like Devon Franklin who can talks about Jesus to many famous actors who also needs the mesaage of Hope. 
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